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Thread: "The books in general"; "Alternate History"

- Napoleon planned to invade Britain with a Montgolfière-fleet and a submarine-fleet but he gave up because of missing money and technology. Maybe this and the airwar above Britain in WWII were NN's inspiration. The evacuation of thousands of soldiers from Dunkerque to Britain with many small boats via the Channel could have been an inspiration for Temeraire's evacuation during the siege of Danzig.
- The "American Dream" is much clearer and more practised because it isn't just the equality of men but the equality of species that is even more advanced than in China/Pusantinsuyo.
- Merlin could have judged the dragonfight between the red and the white dragon in NN's universe.
- Marco Polo's and Sindbad's bird Roc could have been a dragon instead.
- Although ships built with metal came up later than in NN's universe it could have been possible because there was an urge to invent them. But there wouldn't be an urge to invent airplanes.
- Joseph Pachacuti Yupanqui has his real model in Napoleon's son with the Princess of Austria. 
- The picture "Fighting Temeraire" drawn by W. Turner could show the dragon-Temeraire and his namesake the old french ship-Téméraire instead of two ships.
- Miss Lucas could be the Miss Lucas from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice".
- Why don't the european kings have dragons as companions? All other cultures have.
- When the knowledge of dragon breeding got lost in the dark Middle Age, were there dragon-slayers again?
- Did the other high developed cultures (Persia, Eqypt, Babylon, Uruk, India, Olmece....) had dragons too? Where are those breeds gone to? Could they be rebred with the information from the crypric stones and papers? Until the Romans invaded Egypt there were possibly no dragons but their deity Apep looks like a dragon. The indian dragons were related to te chinsese dragons but maybe they just bred themselves and worked hardly. Of course they would not have been loyal to Britain.
- Could the Vikings and/or moorish people have reintroduced dragon breeding to Europe? What about the Arabians and their dragon culture? Are they more european or more chinese?
- Marcus Antonius committed suicide in reality, for a dragon Captain this would be very difficult. Maybe Vici died in action before Antonius died or she became crazy after his death and destroyed Octavius' whole army afterwards.
- Sir Francis Drake's nickname was in nearly all languages "the dragon". Maybe he had first the idea to fight together with Navy and Aerial Corps.
- When nearly all countries had their own dragon breeds (in fact we have never heard of specific polish breeds but there are some) what about the dragons breeds in the disunited Holy Roman Empire or the different kingdoms in Spain?
- With the fall of the roman empire the knowledge of dragon breeding vanished. It survived in eastern Rome (later Ottoman Empire).
- The traditional horse-riding peoples like the Huns, Cossacks or the Hungarians could be dragon-riding peoples in NN's universe.
- Did the Mongols and the Chinese both had dragons? The mongolian plains must have nurrished much more dragons than the chinese ones because the Chinese were defeated by Genghis Khan, later the Mongols were chased out of China.
- When Kublai Khan invaded Japan in 1274 he was defeatet by a taifun called the "divine wind". What if this wasn't a storm but a dragon? Maybe even Raiden was a Celestial. Whether NN got her inspiration for the special ability's name from there or the dragons got it from there.
- Some japanese Celestials must have survived the massacre and the stealing of the eggs but obviously they couldn't reproduce. Too less individuals of this breed? No other breed to interbreed? The Chinese and the Japanese had the same breeding success (Imperials who mutated to Celestials and japanese Celestials).
- The Yellow Emperor, the first mythical Celestial (who was obviously not bred by humen, maybe the dragons bred themselves), foundated a dynasty and brought culture to the humen. That indicates that the relationship between dragons and humen was more like in Pusantinsuyo at the beginning of the chinese empire.
- There were several other mythical (the scientists don't belive a word of it) Emperors, all of them reigned more than a century. What if these Emperors were dragons? 
- If each Qing-Emperor had a Celestial there aren't enough Celestials (we just know 8). Xian wasn't the first Celestial, obviously there have been several populations of Celestials. Maybe the Mongols took them home and rebrought them during the Qing-dynasty. Maybe the tradition to give a Celestial to each Emperor was introduced very late (with the Qing-dynasty) and before the dragons lived as part of the royal family in the capital not belonging to anybody. 
- Pizarro could conquer the Incans although he had no dragons because he took hostages and the dragons didn't want to bring them in danger. After it was clear that Pizarro would kill the hostages anyway (rember Atahualpa and Pahuac) the Portugese were chased out.
- The Chinese and the Romans had contact with each other. They traded and exchanged ambassadors and fighting strategies. Maybe they exchanged knowledge in dragon breeding or even eggs. That would explain how they could build up a dragon army in less than 500 years. The eastern dragon breeds (like the Kazilik) are more serpent-like, this could be a hint for formerly chinese breeds that were used.
- After the Romans vanished, their dragons were feral and mixed with ferals. Obviously they have been tamed again with no preknowledge in the middleage, the special abilities were still there but not as strong as before. When dragons were tamed randomly this number increased when the Huns attacked Europe. They certainly had dragons and the Europeans tamed dragons to defend themselves. Because the Romans exported their dragons (they breed for heavy armory and weight and special abilities not for elegance) there are more heavyweight dragons in Spain and France where their influence was bigger. The three fire-blowing breeds must have been one breed once (during the roman empire) and split up when they were retamed and rebred.
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