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This is a summary of the important discussions in the german part of this forum for all Temeraire fans who don't understand german very well. It is more a topic to read than to discuss.

Thread "His Majesty's Dragon"; "Levitas":
What do you think about Levitas' death and how Rankin treated him?
- For Rankin he was nothing more than a talking horse because he didn't grow up in the Aerial Corps.
- Rankin was ignorant and arrogant and of a well situated family so nobody would criticise him.
- Levitas was good natured, naiv, couldn't make his mark (and maybe didn't want to, searched for social confirmation and Rankin's love and he had been treated like this his whole life, so he didn't knew an other relationship to his Captain.
- He endured this bad treatment because of unrational love, that is to observe in humen's relationships too. Dragons have different caracters, see Caesar. Levitas had other values like love or allegiance and Caesar's values (money, reputation) were much closer to Rankin's caracter than Levitas'.
- There were too many rules (and of course the aviator's honor) in the Aerial Corps that other Captains could have helped Levitas but they should have done so.
- Also humen keep quiet for a long time before they rebell against slavery or a bad ruler.
- Rankin was the perfect Captain for the admiralty, he didn't think, just followed orders, suppressed his dragon and animated others to imitate him. Because his dragon was one of the „low-grade“ breeds there was no need for the Lords to care for Levitas.
- Rankin knew how to make his dragon happy without being too gentle to him.
- NN perfectly showed the great differences between aviators: Laurence who always treated his dragon like a friend and having equal rights without taking care for other people's opinion and Rankin for who his partnership with a dragon wasn't worth anything.
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Thread: "Throne of Jade", "Living together with Dragons":

- Hammond always talks about Temeraire but not with him. He should know better how to treat dragons as he is ambassador in China. His opinion towards dragons changes the more he is together with Laurence and Temeraire.
- People in Europe fear dragons as war machines and barbaric animals because they never learned better. People in China have been living together with dragons since over 5000 years, they eat together, they play together so they have a very different relationship, they have confidence, the Europeans don't.
- The european gouvernments don't support a favorable image of dragons. If dragons start thinking they are abandoned.
- The british Aerial Corps is subordinate to the Navy, the naval admirals don't understand dragons. The Corps should have his own admirals equal to the other army parts.
- Often birth before knowledge facing the lieutnenants. Intelligence or physical strengh of dragons? Dubious scale for the dragons' worth created by Europeans.
- Starting with small dragons participating in daily (building, transporting...) life to habituate people to dragons. Just start to have things changed, no try no luck.
- Dragons have natural given difficulties to develop an own culture that is more than oral telling of stories. Of course they search the humen's company to take part in their development.
- Modern technic would render dragons useless but industrial development would certainly have passed differently. Dragons would be impressed by technical progress, but they would not invent new machines.
- Dominance of one of those intelligent species? Alimentary problems? Waste problems? Birth control, dragon/human population problems? Raw material problems? War between the both species?
- NN's dragons introduced in a today's world would work pretty well because most people would be willing to accept dragons as intelligent species ("humen, animals and dragons"). They would not be soldiers but have normal jobs, laws and friends and be more or less equal to humen, except for their natural differences.
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Thread "Black Powder War", "Second Egg from Turkey":

What happened to the second egg Laurence and Temeraire brought home from Turkey?
- The Alaman egg and Digby fell to their death, the Akhal-Teke egg reached Britain. It was send to Scotland during the dragon plague.
- No special abilities, middle-weight, "fresh blood for breeding", the dragonet can speak at least english and turkish presumely. Akhal-Teke is a fastly running horse breed, maybe the dragonet will fly very fast too.
- NN never let appear anything/anybody randomly, it always made sense (remember the Dakota dragon that appears again in Empire of Ivory as the release of the dragon plague; Obversaria's last egg send to Loch Laggan; Hollin and Elsie...). Maybe the dragonet will also appear again and have an important role.
- Bringing more than one egg to Britain is more interesting for the reader.
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Thread "Empire of Ivory", "Reverend Erasmus"

-His death was surprising but it was obvious that his family would stay in Africa. Mrs Erasmus didn't worry much about his death and immediately fleed to her non-christian people although her husband had been a priest. Obviously she followed him by love not by religion. Maybe he persuaded her to become christian. But now she and her daughters are free.
- Throughout slavery she kept her humanity, honesty and love. She helps the British to flee although many british soldiers caught slaves in her country. Reasons: Laurence&co treated her better than most of the other people, she liked to thank L&T, unselfishness and proudness, she is a very honest and strong caracter and kept her humanity throughout all bad treatment.
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Thread: "Empire of Ivory"; "Dragon Illnesses"

- They can get a chill because the beginning of the dragon plague was supposed to be a heavy chill. In cases of a heavy chill they have problems with flying.
- Short- and long-sightedness (see Regal Coppers), sterility (see Celestials), light sensitivity (see Lien), simple-minded (see Greyling) caused by overbreeding.
- Muscels for Longwing's acid spitting and sneezing are the same but would fire-breathers or Copacati also have problems with this coaccident when they are ill?
- Albinism (see Lien) and other genetic faults like cretinism (see Kulingile in his early weeks).
- Scale problems caused by missing care, dirtyness, bad healed up wounds (see Levitas).
- Diseases of old age like cataract (see Gentius), gout, arthrosis, bone athrophy that is influenced by weather and stress.
- Diseases caused by accidents and injury like broken bones, amputations ....
- Overweight, underweight and their consequents, smoke poisoning (see Temeraire), hypothermia....
- In many civilizations dragons are just there to fight, when they are ill they are unprofitable. Heavy diseases are hushed up (Kulingile should have been killed, Lien should have been send to Mongolia) and the dragons learn that they aren't worth anything if they can't fight (see Perscitia or dragons in the breeding grounds). In China/Pusantinsuyo/USA it may be different but there never appeared handicaped dragons anywhere. Would dragon care for their handicaped members of the same species in the wilderness (see feral dragons)?
- Old dragons are treated better than handicaped dragons. Old dragons are accepted as wise and honored members of the society (see Curicuillor, Lung Tien Xian).
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Thread: "Victory of Eagles"; "Dragon Militia"

- Teneraire matches perfectly the caracter traits of leadership, nearly visible since book 2 that he would have such a role.
- T. is sometimes "disrespectfull" because he uses his mind and doesn't follow orders blindly.
- Britain is not T.'s home country so why have patriotism? He respects and follows Laurence but is not always happy with L.'s decisions.
- T. is still very young, has few experience, sometimes naiv like a child/teenager.
- European dragons have been treated like speaking animals but not like intelligent beings. That's why they had no motivation to develop their knowledge (at least it is seldom shown, e.g. Pen Y Fan, Marshal Ombreux, Celeritas, Messoria in book 4...). When they get a push to do so they are very interested but this isn't in the Admiralty's interest. They kept the dragons quiet with the changing feeding times as there were no Captain to keep the dragons quiet.
- Revenge is the engine for Lien's whole actions. Napoleon or her revenge - what is more important for her? Will Napoleon and Lien be caught together and shipped away? Will she die? Will she cause more trouble in other states? She won't return to China because albinos bring misfortune there.
- Iskierka maybe doesn't want to spend her gold but to wear and present it. She likes more to capture it. She wants to gain honor, importentness and appreciation. The gold and her Captain are a representative possession.
- The Pen Y Fan dragons were boring and lazy but they had just arranged with their hopeless situation, until Temeraire came and persuaded them to fight for their rights under their own command. 
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Thread: "Victory of Eagles"; "Laurence's burst":

- Laurence thought that he was responsible for the King's illness because he caused great trouble in bringing the mushrooms to France. He felt guilty and that was the only reason why he accepted Wellington's order to kill the irregular soldiers although it was totally against military honor and his own conscience. He took the full responsability for his actions, nobody can be judged to death two times, and gave Wellington's letter to his soldiers. His burst was just because of frustration.
- Wellington took him for a traiterous scum, he felt like a traiterous scum so he thought he had to behave like a scum. Tharkay later persuaded him to not do so just because of consciosness of guilt. And Laurence refused further orders in a strategic helpfull moment.
- Mercy is not always helpfull.
- Laurence's actions follow directly from his lost of honor, self-confidence, reputation, pride towards himself and society. His world cracked down, he lost everything and saw only hopelessness, self-doubts and senselessness and no joy or love anymore. He was disappointed by others and himself.
- Maybe he is asking himself for whom he risked all this. He gave up his convictions.
- Temeraire never understood why some of his ideas could threaten him or Laurence. When he doesn't talk about his revolutionary ideas openly then because Laurence told him so.
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Thread: "Victory of Eagles"; "Lien/Bonaparte"

- In not attacking Wollaton Hall, Bonaparte thanked Laurence for the healing mushrooms. L. feeled somehow dishonored by this. Lien wanted Temeraire to suffer, T. suffers when L. suffers. Lien has mmore joy to watch T. when he isn't at world's end.
- Bonaparte hasn't taken Yongxing's place, their relationship is more distant but respectful because they have the same goal. And Bonaparte doesn't try to take Yongxing's place. Bonaparte respects the intelligent dragons as individues, that's what makes his army strong. Lien just uses him to reach her own goals. 
- Because she is admired by Bonaparte and the french dragons for her strong will and personality she should have less feelings of revenge but it doesn't seem to be like this. She can't accept that her prince did wrong things (murder, putsch but just because of the european opium smuggle and the bad european influences) (who would, if he/she has been saved through this person and who is one only sense of life for oneself). Maybe she feels guilty that Yongxing couldn't become Emperor and wants to repair this.
- Temeraire hasn't got much pity for other humen or dragons when they are enemies or not somehow connected to him. He is mercyless but as an intelligent being he should have thought about his actions and the consequences. But it is war  (regrets are a difficult theme in these times) and a difficult situation because T. just wants to protect his Laurence what ever it takes. Maybe Lien doesn't like war like most intelligent chinese dragons.
- Although she is one of the antagonist caracters many readers like her. Because of reading "In autumn a white dragon looks over the wide river", because she and Temeraire think very similar and have the same ideas, because she has a motive to act how she acts (although it derives from a false perception of reality) and because she is a classical tragedic caracter.
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Thread: "Victory of Eagles", "Who is more intelligent? Temeraire, Lien or Perscitia?"

- Life experience and age have not much to do with intelligence. If one hasn't got the possibility to use his knowledge or hasn't been supported, he can also be intelligent. Perscitia is less educated than Lien and Temeraire but not less intelligent.
- Lien had over 30 years to read and enlargen her knowledge, Temeraire just had the books Laurence read to him, Perscitia hadn't got any access to libraries/knowledge. But she found out a lot of mathematic rules of her own, remarkable. Temeraire just told her his knowledge he got from books that he developped then.
-Most dragons seem to have a natural understanding in logical things/strategy, see Messoria during the dragon plague, like a basis for more knowledge. Dragons like brain-twisters or inventing new theories/brain-twisters/strategies.
- Definition of intelligence is difficult. Maybe Perscitia is analytic-strategic more intelligent and Temeraire is social-emotional more intelligent. Lien is wiser and she was very intelligent in planning her revenge. They all have a talent for different situations and are however nearly equal in their intelligence.
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Thread: "Crucible of Gold"; "Temeraire and Laurence"

- Their relationship has changed, it isn't very loving and tender any more, but more distant. Hopefully it will change.
- Temeraire is growing up, puperty by dragons. He argues silly with other dragons what he never did. Also Laurence grew older and had some bad experience. They don't read, swim or wash together any more. 
- Their relationship has matured. Temeraire is more independent but both certainly miss their snuggling. Each phase of a relationship has its worth.

Thread: „Crucible of Gold“; „Granby and Iskierka“

- Granby showed her that she can't always put through her will. Iskierka was the caracter that never followed any rules and embodied the absurdity of this system in which nobody ever doubted anything.
- She would go over to anyone if Granby could have a better life there. Sometimes she just want to have a pretty Captain to decorate with. She defines herself over her Captain, the most Captains define theirselfes over their dragons.
- Iskierka is refreshingly unconventional. Her relationship to Granby is very different from the normal relationships in the Aerial Corps. She is mightier than her Captain and she showes it to him. She argues with him and seldom follows his orders but she is loyal to Granby although she manipulates and blackmails him.
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